In September 2016, safety signs have been prepared and installed to HEPP Building.


On June 5, World Environment Day, cleaning act of Khertvisi castle has been organised. Local community and representatives of Aspindza Municipality have joined this activity.


In April 2016, the territory of 220kV transmission line has been checked and grass seeds were planted wherever required.


In March 2016 we have cleaning action in village Toloshi. The required items, such as plastic bags and gloves were provided by our organization. Aspindza municipality staff and head of village Toloshi were joined to cleaning action.


“Social Responsibility Activities’ Khertvisi School”


“Opening Ceremony”


“Social Responsibility Activities’ Landscaping of UT-1 Spoil Yard”

Landscaping of the UT-1 Spoil Yard has been re-arranged as per the demands of the villagers.


“Social Responsibility Activities’ Rehabilitation of Chuncka Church and school”

Material, equipment and manpower is supplied for the rehabilitation of the church and school in Chunckha Village


“Social Responsibility Activities’ Assistance to the local community”

The company supports local communities by construction materials in order to develop their own business. At the request of the local community, the company has built a protective wall along the bank, in the confluence of the ”Mtkvari” and “Paravani” rivers.


“Social Responsibility Activities’ Rehabilitation of Deliska Road”

Maintanance and repair of the road has been completed by means of Project ‘s sources


“Social Responsibility Activities’ Rehabilitation of Chuncka - Ptena Road”

Proper material for road filling has been supplied and laid by means of Project sources.